The Trade Desk’s programmatic education program, Trading Academy, expands curriculum with new content from industry leaders and IAB partnership

New videos feature executives from Goodway Group, Horizon Media, Index Exchange and Spotify

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Trade Desk, Inc. (Nasdaq:TTD), a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, today announced the expansion of the Trading Academy, its online learning program that teaches the theories and strategies of programmatic advertising. The Trading Academy now features eight free educational videos, new videos on hot-button programmatic topics, and additional ways to become certified in programmatic, including qualifying re-certification credits for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Certification programs.

According to Business Insider Intelligence, digital ad spend in the U.S. is projected to reach 93.5 billion dollars by 2020, underscoring that programmatic is the cost of entry to have a stake in the digital marketing world. The Trade Desk developed the Trading Academy in 2013 to address the growing need for knowledge surrounding programmatic buying. The most recent program additions will help further extend education to even more advertising professionals, allow agencies to better serve their clients and give marketers tools to better navigate the programmatic space in order to reach their target audience in the most accurate and cost efficient means.

“Programmatic advertising moves at such a fast pace and thus requires constant upskilling to ensure we are well equipped to provide sound advice to clients,” said Joshua Lee, Head of Operations and Analytics, Asia Pacific at Amnet Group. “We enroll our employees in established training programs such as The Trade Desk’s Trading Academy to ensure they attain the necessary certification and in-depth understanding about the ever-evolving strategies and technologies needed to succeed in digital advertising.”

The enhanced platform features four distinct curriculums that use video and digital quizzes to educate its students, allowing each user to learn at their own speed and on their own timeline. Users must pass two of four certification exams on programmatic principles, targeting and data management, optimization and strategy and omnichannel and inventory types, to become certified. Educational learning videos include topics such as:

  • Header Bidding with The Trade Desk CEO, Jeff Green
  • Media Quality in RTB with Harmon Lyons, SVP Business Development and Platform Solutions, and Dave Marquard, VP Product Management, from Integral Ad Science
  • Fragmentation of TV with The Trade Desk CCO, Brian Stempeck
  • Optimizing the Efficient Frontier of Branding Campaigns with Adam Heimlich, SVP Programmatic HX, Horizon Media
  • Trading Desks, Building a Programmatic Center of Excellence with Jay Friedman, COO Goodway Group
  • Programmatic Audio, Turning up the Volume with Les Hollander, Global Head of Audio Monetization, Spotify
  • Programmatic Email & Identity with Nick Dujnic, Senior Director of Marketing LiveIntent
  • Header Bidding with Andrew Casale, President & CEO Index Exchange
  • The Native Ad Ecosystem, why native won and where it’s heading and Headlines, Not Titles, the science of making an impression with native ads with Dan Greenberg, Founder & CEO Sharethrough

“As ad budgets and audiences shift toward digital, it’s our goal to make the complex and changing world of advertising more understandable and accessible for everyone,” said Meredith Hall, General Manager of Learning & Development at The Trade Desk. “We’re continuing to create new offerings for the Trading Academy to help marketing professionals stay ahead and fully understand the potential of programmatic advertising.”

The Trading Academy’s mission is to provide end-learners with an understanding of the value and possibilities of programmatic advertising. The theories and strategies illuminate the full potential of programmatic, and nurture the industry’s next pioneers and thought leaders. Many understand the “how” of programmatic, but few can fully grasp the “why.” The Trading Academy exists to change that and by filling the marketplace with better, more relevant ads, we aim to keep the advertising ecosystem healthy for years to come. To learn more, visit:

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